Salem Press, Fiona Kelleghan, Roger Guenveur Smith's 100 Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction PDF

By Salem Press, Fiona Kelleghan, Roger Guenveur Smith

ISBN-10: 0893569585

ISBN-13: 9780893569587

In view that Edgar Allan Poe invented the fashionable secret novel within the mid-19th century, the variety of authors writing during this box has gradually elevated besides a requirement for such literature. As a reaction to such development, this article positive factors articles on a hundred of crucial writers of the style.

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An Historical Mystery offers an excellent example of a ruthless police force, temporarily foiled perhaps but mercilessly victorious in the end. The novel also reveals that the political police are so unprincipled that they doctor the evidence and manipulate the facts in order to frame the innocent and thereby hide their own crimes. If, in the process, their victims are executed or imprisoned, it only serves to reinforce the notion of a powerful police, made all the more so when self-interest or wounded pride is at stake: In this horrible affair passion, too, was involved, the passion of the principal agent [Corentin], a man still living, one of those first-rate underlings who can never be replaced, and [who] has made a certain reputation for himself by his remarkable exploits.

Cyril McNeile), whose Bulldog Drummond stories were reactionary, if not downright Fascist, in tone. Ambler found neither their heroes nor their villains believable, and their plots, based on conspiracies against civilization, were merely absurd. Having seen Fascism in his travels in Italy, he was radically if vaguely socialist in his own political attitudes, and his study of psychology had made it impossible for him to believe that realistically portrayed characters could be either purely good or purely evil.

As he was seeking to establish himself as a writer of popular fiction, his only course was the espionage thriller; its popularity in Great Britain was the result of public interest in the secret events of World War I and apprehension about Bolshevism. These concerns were enhanced by the most popular authors in the field—John Buchan, whose Richard Hannay was definitely an establishment figure, and Sapper (the pen name of H. Cyril McNeile), whose Bulldog Drummond stories were reactionary, if not downright Fascist, in tone.

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