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By D. Allan Bromley

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During this "Cook’s Tour" of advancements in physics and realted fields, D. Allan Bromley, technology consultant to President Bush in the course of 1989-1983 and prior president of the yank actual Society, conveys a lot of the buzz and sweetness that examine in physics generated within the twentieth century and asks what new issues are in shop within the subsequent century.

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Cooper (1972), and John Robert Schrieffer (1972). ) FIGURE 42 39 40 AN HISTORICAL OVERVIEW, 1900-1949 FIGURE 43 Bednorz (right) and Muller after winning the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1987 for their discovery of ceramic superconductors. ) BuckYballs and Nanotubes Happily, surprises continue to occur. In 1996, Richard Smalley of Rice University received the Nobel Prize for his discovery that in electrical arcs between carbon electrodes entirely newall-carbon molecular complexes were being formed.

In response to this request, Bush, largely on his own, produced the brief but remarkable document Science, the Endless Frontier which served as the effective blueprint for US science policy for the last half of the twentieth century. In retrospect, critics have noted that Bush used a linear model in which fundamental science led inexorably to applied science and then to technology. Critics have also noted that little mention was made in the report of any role for industry, the assumption being that, if the US public was prepared to support the research enterprise in peacetime as it had during war, then the benefits to society would be beyond imagining.

FIGURE 46 43 44 AN HISTORICAL OVERVIEW, 1900-1949 A quantum corral made by using a scanning tunnelling microscope to place 48 iron atoms in the 143 angstrom diameter circle on a {l1l}Cu surface. The same STM was then used to image the ripples in the surface electron local density states; these ripples closely match what would be expected for a particle confined in a circular box. Some of the electrons end up in a two-dimensional electron gas bounded by the work function on the vacuum side and by a band gap in the energy spectrum of the bulk electrons on the copper side.

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