A Gentleman's Honor (Bastion Club, Book 2) by Stephanie Laurens PDF

By Stephanie Laurens

ISBN-10: 0061744166

ISBN-13: 9780061744167

Unique book: 2003

The Season has but to start, and Bastion membership member Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, is already a aim for each matchmaking mama in London. yet there's just one girl who sparks his interest...

Desperate and penniless, yet decided, Alicia will make a striking fit for her ravishing more youthful sister! Masquerading because the widowed "Mrs. Carrington"—the ideal society chaperone—Alicia intends to boldly release her sibling into the ton. yet one moonlit evening walk may well end up her undoing while it ends up in an accusation of murder.

Every intuition Tony Blake possesses tells him that Alicia—the beautiful, distraught good looks he discovers status over a lifeless physique in his godmother's garden—is blameless of great wrongdoing. His connections will let him to take regulate of the investigation,, his social prominence will surely offer her public support.

But it's greater than honor on my own that compels Tony to guard his striking, imperiled beauty—and he'll do every thing in his seductive strength to make Alicia his.

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He wanted to be with her because in her presence, he felt a blessed sense of peace. If she reclaimed her life and decided to live without him—well, there would be satisfaction in knowing what he had done for her. The purest service was selfless, though he doubted he would ever be that pure. He would gain from their marriage no matter what strange path it took. He stretched out full length, using his saddlebag as a pillow. Despite his aching body, he felt better than since the French had come near killing him in Spain.

I did find a habit, though it’s large. ” They stepped into the high street. Julia gasped and retreated to flatten herself against the bricks of the corner building. “He’s out there! ” Randall scanned the people moving along the street. ” Julia’s hands knotted into fists as she struggled for control. ” Randall’s gaze settled on a tall man with a predator’s face. ” Crockett’s companion was a rough, menacing fellow who lacked Crockett’s feral intelligence. Randall memorized their faces. “They’re heading in the opposite direction from our destination.

His mouth twisted wryly. “There would be ironic justice if the title goes extinct because of Branford’s brutality. But I am not proposing marriage simply to punish Daventry. ” “You tempt me, Major,” she said softly. “But this discussion is so cold and rational. ” Without moving a muscle, he changed. She could feel emotion radiating from him. “My feelings for you aren’t cold, Julia,” he said, his voice as soft as hers. “I’ve never met another woman I’ve wanted to marry. The prospect of choosing a ‘suitable’ bride sent me running to hide in Scotland.

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