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Yizi run ‘run’ nu⁄ yizi-z-i 3MS run-RDP-OPT ‘let him run’ *yi⁄yi⁄zi⁄ 121. wuc’u, drink ‘drink’ wuc’-ic’-i-n drink-RDP-PF-3/2 ‘drank’ *wuwuc’ic’-i-n As can be seen from the above examples the initial CV is reduplicated in (116-119) while the final is reduplicated in (120 and 121). The words with the symbol (*) are unacceptable. In most cases reduplication seems to take place to the left of the root but whenever the glide sounds occur in word initial position, the position of reduplication changes to the right as in (120) and (121) above.

The indefinite reference is not morphologically marked in the Dime language. Definiteness is marked morphologically by –is. The terminal vowels are replaced by the vowel of the definite marker –is as in the following nouns. 5. /ehe /eh-is ‘a house’ ‘the house’ 6. nits nits-is ‘a child’ ‘the child’ 7. /iyyi ‘a person’ /iyy-is ‘the person’ 8. yeri yer-is 9. gostu ‘a male one' gost-is ‘the male one’ 10a. /amzi ‘a woman’ /amz-is ‘the woman’ 10b. /amzi woman gu⁄dum-ub tall-M ‘a donkey’ ‘the donkey’ gu⁄du⁄m-ind-is ‘the tall woman’ tall-F-DEF gos#t-is ‘the tall man’ man-DEF As can be seen from example (10b), in the presence of a modifier element in a noun phrase the definite marker is suffixed to the modifier.

58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. ] ‘cattle’ ‘farm’ ‘guide/show’ ‘neck’ [ʁ ʁ] [֙] [gO֙o⁄] [gOÂo⁄] ‘inside’ ‘step back’ [x] [X] [doxt’u⁄] [doXsu⁄] [la⁄x] [laXub] ‘swirl’ ‘round’ ‘six’ ‘soft’ [x] [h] [box] [mEh] ‘knee’ ‘money’ The distribution of consonant phonemes in Dime In this section we demonstrate the various positions of phonemes in words and formations of consonant clusters. We show the distribution of consonants by classifying them according to their manner of articulation which is one of the basic compo- Phonology 19 nents of speech production.

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