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By S. L. Carpenter

ISBN-10: 1599980584

ISBN-13: 9781599980584

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Except for the little jokes about flashing him her tits again. She’d never live that down around him. It felt nice and she began to like it more and more. The day was hot and a beautiful breeze blew across the beach. As Eugene and Madison walked they were becoming closer. They were clicking on all levels. Eugene went to get Madison a snow cone. She watched him and laughed. He was such a guy. She noticed him rolling his eyes and mimicking the lady before him getting her cones. He ordered theirs and waved like a nerd as she sat under a palm tree.

I’ll take it somewhere else if they don’t like it. ” With a sigh he continued, “Not everything ends in a perfect way, Angela. Sometimes it ends sadly and there’s nothing you can do but remember the good stuff. ” Angela shrugged, “Okay, Eugene. I’ll submit it to the publisher with that notation on it. I am sure they will understand. ” Eugene had a definite case of déjà vu’. Madison had told him the exact same thing. He wondered if she was okay. “Um, Eugene? This dedication. ” “Yes. ” Angela took a few more notes.

Awwww, poor baby. ” Her head lowered to between Eugene’s legs and he closed his eyes. Madison’s mouth was hot, wet and tight. Eugene missed the feel of a woman and knew that this sensation was feeding his imagination. ” A tear filled Eugene’s eye. “Bbbbbut” “I am feeling adventurous. ” Her words were seductive and devious. Eugene swallowed and cleared his throat. ” A smile widened across her mouth and she turned around in the bed. Her back to Eugene as she straddled him. She leaned forward, resting her breasts on his legs.

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