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By Jack Kornfield

ISBN-10: 0553372114

ISBN-13: 9780553372113

Loved Western Buddhist grasp Kornfield makes identified his own, sensible knowledge, garnered from 25 years of working towards and educating the trail of awakening, as he courses self-searchers to a simplicity of conception that brings alive religious perform, peace, and fact of their day-by-day lives.

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W The Master was then invited to stay for another month to preach on the PrajO&p&ramita Sutra of the Benevolent King, and during this time the king might make arrange­ ments for his departure. The Master consented to this request to the great delight of the old queen, who desired to have the Master with them so that she might be taught by him in all her future lives. Then the Master began to take food again. Ilis firm­ ness of will had always been like this. Two days later the king established an arena, capable of seating three hundred men, for the Master to preach.

They stayed in the camps and played music. When the Master arrived, the virtuous monks rose and greeted him. Having done so, they returned to their seats and ordered a monk to hand a tray full of fresh flowers to the Master. He received the flowers and offered them to the Buddha’s images to whieh he paid his homage. After this he took his seat beside fl/fnlreaaimto Whan ha . v«. v *»• » oaoin eaatasl lilV lC flowers were offered to him, and after the flowers, grapejuice was given him. Having received the flowers and grape-juice in the first camp, he was treated in the same 3# way in the second and the other camps until sunset when the monks began to disperse.

With his compassion the Bodhisattva^ duty is to save those who are in distress. I am now in distress indeed. ” In this manner he prayed incessantly. At midnight of the fifth day came a cool breeze which made him feel as if taking a bath in cold water. He was able to open his eyes and his horse got to its feet. Invigorated by the cold air, he fell into a doze, in which he dreamed of a giant deity of several tens of feet high, holding a spear in his hand. ” The Master was startled and wakened from his dream.

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