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By Samantha James

ISBN-10: 0060006633

ISBN-13: 9780060006631

ISBN-10: 0060796006

ISBN-13: 9780060796006

Can an ideal scoundrel be the appropriate hero? considering that she used to be cruelly left on the altar on the age of 22, woman Julianna Sterling has resolved to don't have anything to do with males. So she is stunned to find she has unwelcome emotions for the very worst of the breed -- a perilous, unbearably good-looking highwayman who has set upon her trainer within the geographical region and brought her captive. Worse nonetheless, her righteous ire turns quick to sadness while the impossible to resist outlaw units her loose. Viscount Dane Granville is aware he don't have published his face to the enthralling girl Julianna -- for he has compromised the key venture he has undertaken for the Crown within the guise of the infamous Magpie. Now their paths are crossing once again, and Dane aches to style back the wonder of her kiss. yet he needs to withstand what his middle calls for, for his or her ardour can in simple terms result in perils past imagining ...

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His head was down, the muscles of his arms knotted and keenly defined as he braced himself against the table. Julianna’s mouth went dry as she was given a heart-stopping view of his chest. She must surely have been dreaming last night, for there was nothing misshapen about his form, no hint of imperfection. No, she reiterated faintly, this was no hunchback to offend the eye or sensibility. Indeed, there was naught to be found in his form but a startling perfection. Every lean, solid inch of him was muscle and brawn.

He raced ahead. Leaping from the stallion’s back, he hurtled himself down the steep embankment where the coach had disappeared. Scrambling over the brush, he spied it. It was overturned, resting against the trunk of an ancient tree. One wheel was still spinning as he reached it. The horses were already gone. So was the driver. Their necks were broken, the driver’s twisted at an odd angle from his body. Dane felt for a pulse, but he had seen enough of death to know it was too late. Miraculously, the door to the main compartment had remained on its hinges.

His brows shot high when the feline ignored him outright, stretched his long body against the chit’s side, and proceeded to purr for all he was worth. Dane stared in amazement. “Maximilian, you little traitor! This is most unlike you. I would remind you this chit is a stranger, and you take exception to strangers most vehemently. ” Huge, slanted yellow-green eyes blinked owlishly at him. Dane sighed. “All right, all right, I admit it,” he said aloud. “She is rather fetching, isn’t she? ” The cat’s purring grew louder.

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