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By Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala

ISBN-10: 0895827859

ISBN-13: 9780895827852

This publication is a full-color complement that offers photos of preserved specimens and pictures taken at numerous aquaria to supply assurance of organisms within the world's oceans. it really is designed to accompany any marine biology textual content or laboratory guide.

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B) Spirulina (arrow) is perhaps the most distinctive cyanobacterium because of its helical shape. The width of the helix varies, but can obtain sizes up to 12 µm. This genus is sold in health food stores as a dietary supplement. (c) Cell division in two perpendicular directions produces the planar arrangement characteristic of the genus Merismopedia. The cells are enclosed in a mucilaginous sheath and are approximately 1–2 µm in diameter. (d) Oscillatoria trichomes are formed from disc-shaped cells that are approximately 10 µm long (that is, across the trichome).

Compare the appearance of these diatom ­relics with the living forms in Figure 4-8. The ornamentation on their frustules is much more apparent. (hapt—to grasp, nema—thread) extending from the cytoplasm between the two flagella. It is composed of mem­ branous layers surrounding seven microtubules, so is fundamentally different in structure from eukaryotic ­flagella, which have the 9+2 arrangement of microtubules within (nine pairs surrounding two single microtubules). The haptonema is a feeding structure that gathers food particles and delivers them to a food vacuole (vacuus— empty, ole—diminutive suffix) at the posterior of the cell.

It ferments a variety of carbo­ hydrates and is also capable of fixing N2 (converting N2 to ammonia). Cyanobacteria (cyan—dark blue) are photoautotrophs (though some are photoheterotrophs. Like the true plants and other eukaryotic autotrophs, they perform oxygenic (oxy—oxygen, genic—to produce) photosynthesis in which m m 20 A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology SECTION 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists oxygen is a waste product (Table 2-5). They are easily seen without staining because of their combination of photosynthetic pigments, which confer on them a bluish-green color (and sometimes others).

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