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By Abhinavagupta, Rājānaka.; Bäumer, Bettina

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The Paratrisika Vivarana by means of the nice Kashmiri thinker and mystic Abhinavagupta is an in depth remark at the Paratrisika Tantra, and it truly is probably the most profound texts, not just of non-dualist Kashmir Saivism, yet of Indian philosophy and mysticism mostly. the current paintings makes an attempt to make this hard textual content obtainable, via culling out the $64000 issues and providing an interpretation. the focus is at the knowing of absolutely the (Anuttara) and the how you can are aware of it. The primary subject matter of mantra additionally results in a mysticism of language with its philosophical implications. these kind of reflections and practices are inscribed within the idea that “everything is expounded to the totality”, “every half includes the entire of fact” (sarvam sarvatmakam). it's this holistic imaginative and prescient of Abhinavagupta, in response to the Tantras, which makes this paintings so suitable in our occasions of fragmented features of lifestyles and data looking for integration. without doubt, within the view of the Tantra and of Abhinavagupta, language and mantra give you the key.

This interesting e-book is a crucial contribution to reports and interpretations on Kashmir Saivism, its spirituality and philosophy, and on Abhinavagupta in particular.

Dr. Bettina Baumer, indologist from Austria and Professor of non secular reports (Visiting Professor at numerous universities), dwelling and dealing in Varanasi given that 1967, is the writer and editor of a couple of books and over 50 examine articles. Her major fields of analysis are non-dualistic Kashmir Saivism, Indian aesthetics, temple structure and spiritual traditions of Orissa, and comparative mysticism. She has been Coordinator of the Indira Gandhi nationwide Centre for the humanities, Varanasi, and Fellow, Indian Institute of complicated examine, Shimla. She has translated vital Sanskrit texts into German and English.

Dr. Andre Padoux, Paris, is without doubt one of the best students on Tantra, Kashmir Saivism, and mantrasastra.

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It was K�emaraja's pupil Yogaraja who wrote a commentary on Abhinavagupta's Paramarthasara. This brief survey of the works belonging to Trika and Pratyabhijna traditions was necessary for situating the Vivaratla in its historical and philosophical context. 47. Also attributed to his disciple Kallata. 48. Cf. PTV concluding verse 18, p. 105. 49. The three siddhis of Utpaladeva are: Ajaqapramiitrsiddhi, Isvarasiddhi, Sambandhasiddhi. Cf. A. Sanderson, The Saiva Exegesis of Kashmir, p. 129. I have tried to connect these two sides of his work in my Introduction to Sivastotriivalr of Utpaladeva, Exposition by Swami Lakshman Joo, pp.

4Z • 93. Cf. ya", in Samarasya, pp. 149-75. 94. Cf. A. Sanderson, Atharvavedins in Tantric Territory, for texts and details. 95. Cf. Paippaladavasadi$atkarmapaddhati, pp. 89-1Ol. 96. Sanderson raises the two points: (1) whether the mantra (SAUJ:I) has been received from the Kashmirian version of the Tantra or from south India, and (2) that the Atharvavedic manuals describe a ritual and yogic procedure to practise the mantra which is not found in Kashmir and in the Vivara'l)a. However, the root text remains the PT and the revelation it contains of the "seed of the heart", the mantra SAUJ:I.

87 Since he has attained enlightenment from his guru, Abhinavagupta, it is also clear that he received from him the initiation into the (mantra of) Para. e. 90 Not only in the Tamil country, Parakrama was received in Maharashtra, where the influence of non­ dualist Saivism was already known, as in the highly mystical work of Jnanesvara 85. Idr$O-rh hrdayabfjarh tattvato yo veda sarrulvisati ca sa paramarthato dik$ita� prar,zan dharayan laukikavad vartarrulno jfvanmukta eva bhavati / conclusion.

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Abhinavagupta's hermeneutics of the absolute Anuttaraprakriya : an interpretation of his Paratrisika Vivarana by Abhinavagupta, Rājānaka.; Bäumer, Bettina

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