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By Christopher Dewdney

ISBN-10: 1408820404

ISBN-13: 9781408820407

We arrange for it each one night, and spend part our lives in its include, but evening keeps its mysteries. In familiar with THE evening, writer and poet Christopher Dewdney takes readers on a desirable trip during the nocturnal realm. Twelve chapters correspond to the twelve hours of an 'ideal' evening, beginning at 6pm and finishing at 6am, and function issues of departure for night's crucial subject matters; from sunsets, nocturnal animals, bedtime tales, gala's of the evening, fireworks, nightclubs, astronomy, sleep and desires, to the graveyard shift, women of the evening, the artwork of evening, and unending nights. With boundless interest, a lyrical, intimate tone, and a mind for night-time beauties either traditional and artifical, Dewdney paints an enthralling portrait of the dead nights.

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After quietly shutting the back door behind me, I was free, deliciously alone in the warm night air. A bolt of pure electric joy would rush through me as I stepped into the bright stillness of the moonlit yard. We lived at the edge of a forest, so I'd hop the rail fence and blend into the trees. Even without moonlight my night vision was good enough to avoid stepping on twigs and dry leaves. Imagining I was a puma or a leopard, I'd walk silently through the forest, a creature free in the North American night.

A black hole, for example, is a type of singularity. From that very first singularity, which was about the size of a dime, the entire universe blossomed in a tremendous explosion called the big bang and is still expanding today. 5 billion years ago. For the first few hundred thousand years of its existence, our universe consisted of glowing plasma—there was no darkness, only light. Then, as matter began forming out of the plasma, gravity appeared, and soon dark, unlit patches of space began to proliferate within the cooling plasma.

The night bends down, it speaks to us in silent languages. All hope and purity are in its depths. Night is a collective planetary spectacle, it is a mysterious, magical realm, and it is a frontier that we are still exploring. M. IT IS SIX O'CLOCK in the evening of our universal day, with its twelve hours of sunshine and twelve hours of night. The heat of the afternoon is beginning to diminish and the light breezes that played through the open windows a few hours ago have become more occasional.

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