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By Yangzom Brauen

ISBN-10: 0312600135

ISBN-13: 9780312600136

[i]A robust, emotional memoir and a unprecedented portrait of 3 generations of Tibetan ladies whose lives are perpetually replaced whilst Chairman Mao’s pink military crushes Tibetan independence, sending a tender mom and her six-year-old daughter on a treacherous trip around the snowy Himalayas towards freedom

[/i]Kunsang inspiration she might by no means go away Tibet. one of many country's youngest Buddhist nuns, she grew up in a distant mountain village the place, as undefined, she entered the neighborhood nunnery. although basic, Kunsang's lifestyles gave her all she wanted: a oneness with nature and a experience of the non secular in all issues. She married a monk, had little ones, and lived in peace and prayer. yet no longer for lengthy. there has been a asserting in Tibet: "When the iron poultry flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan humans may be scattered like ants around the face of the earth." The chinese language invasion of Tibet in 1950 replaced every little thing. whilst squaddies arrived at her mountain monastery, destroying every little thing of their course, Kunsang and her kin fled around the Himalayas simply to spend years in Indian refugee camps. She misplaced both her husband and her youngest baby on that trip, yet the future held a rare flip of occasions that may ceaselessly swap her life--the arrival within the refugee camps of a classy younger Swiss guy lengthy fascinated by Tibet. Martin Brauen will fall immediately in love with Kunsang's younger daughter, Sonam, ultimately successful her middle and hand, and taking mother and daughter with him to Switzerland, the place Yangzom can be born.

Many tales lie hidden until eventually definitely the right individual arrives to inform them. In rescuing the tale of her now 90-year-old inspirational grandmother and her mom, Yangzom Brauen has given us a e-book choked with love, braveness, and triumph,as good as allowing us a unprecedented and bright glimpse of lifestyles in rural Tibet earlier than the arriving of the Chinese. Most importantly, though, ACROSS MANY MOUNTAINS is a testomony to 3 powerful, decided girls who are linked by an unbreakable kin bond.  

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Skaras. Apart from the 'neither-physical-nor-mental samskaras' of the Sarvastivadins, which, as we saw, can be regarded as relations, the saq1skaras are meant to be all the separately identifiable mental states there can be. Physical things like boots and buns are what Russell would call logical fictions, constructions out of elementary data. According to the Abhidharmists, they are constructions not only from sense-data but also from the emotional reactions they 'cause' and from various other attendant mental states.

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