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By David A. Schlossman

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This scholarly paintings appears on the factor of politics and function in the United States this present day with specific cognizance paid to performances produced through activists, the NEA 4, and "Miss Saigon".

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Second, one can offer empirical demonstrations and explanations, such as the Schacht case discussed at the beginning of this chapter, showing that performances can affect change and that politics and performance inevitably intertwine, often symbiotically. A growing body of scholarshipincluding the works of Elam, I

They are made. We would add that they are not, like objects of Exchange Between A r t Worlds and Political Worlds 39 nature, here to stay, but survive as created social events only to the extent that an audience cares to intersect them" (qtd. in Richards, "Under" 66; emphasis in original). This view offers an understanding of art as part of a dynamic social process that includes participation in public life. Cultural studies theorists differ from symbolic interactionists in that they juxtapose this understanding of culture as a dynamic result of human activity with the problems of "material and ideological structures" (which have been studied less by interactionists; Kathleen Weiler qtd.

He locates the mechanics of artistic creativity in conventions (Art Worlds 29-30). Both producers and consumers of artistic works constitute members of art worlds, and conventions govern the production, distribution, reception, and interpretation of art. For instance, conventions make a work of art comprehensible to an audience (and, conversely, an artist's abandonment or an audience member's ignorance of an art world's conventions threatens comprehension); as Becker puts it, "Only because artist and audience share knowledge of and experience with the conventions invoked does the art work produce an emotional effect" (Art Worlds 30).

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