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By Vatsal Thakkar

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1 Marijuana, which is made from the cannabis plant (seen here), has been used as a drug for thousands of years. several pharmaceutical companies. However, by the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, worries about side effects such as impotence and sterility caused concerns about marijuana use. The 1937 Marijuana Tax Act made cannabis illegal in the United States. Before the 1960s, marijuana use was fairly limited—only 3% of the population between the ages of 18 and 25 had used it. By 1970, however, this percentage had increased to 40% of those between the ages of 18 and 25, and by 1980, usage was even more common.

The brain’s 100 billion neurons then make 1,000 trillion connections by the time the human brain is fully developed. Neurotransmitters are protein substances that nerve cells produce to communicate with each other. Different neurotransmitters are active in different parts of the brain and have different functions. All drugs that are used to alter perceptions, states of consciousness, or moods act on the brain. These include things such as caffeine, prescription medications, and illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin.

13 Secondhand smoke has only recently been found to be a health hazard for nonsmokers. Findings related to the health risks associated with secondhand smoke provide the foundation for restrictions on smoking in hospitals, airplanes, restaurants, and other places where children, sick persons, or the general public could be exposed. While a smoker usually inhales smoke through the filter of a cigarette, others in the area breathe the unfiltered fumes of burning tobacco. People who live with a smoker or work in a smoky environment are most at risk.

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