New PDF release: Advances in Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology Metabolic

By Georg Gübitz, Alexander Bauer, Guenther Bochmann, Andreas Gronauer, Stefan Weiss

Michael Lebuhn, Stefan Weiß, Bernhard Munk, Georg M. Guebitz

Microbiology and Molecular Biology instruments for Biogas strategy research, analysis and Control

Veronika Dollhofer, Sabine Marie Podmirseg, Tony Martin Callaghan, Gareth Wyn Griffith & Katerina Fliegerová

Anaerobic Fungi and their power for Biogas Production

Bianca Fröschle, Monika Heiermann, Michael Lebuhn, Ute Messelhäusser, Matthias Plöchl

Hygiene and Sanitation in Biogas Plants

Charles-David Dubé and Serge R. Guiot

Direct Interspecies Electron move in Anaerobic Digestion: A Review

Simon K.-M. R. Rittmann

A serious overview of Microbiological Biogas to Biomethane Upgrading Systems

Manfred Lübken, Pascal Kosse, Konrad Koch, Tito Gehring, Marc Wichern

Influent Fractionation for Modeling non-stop Anaerobic Digestion Processes

Fermoso, F. G, van Hullebusch, E. D, Guibaud, G, Collins, G,  Svensson, B. H, Carliell-Marquet, C, Vink, J.P.M,  Esposito, G,  Frunzo, L

Fate of hint Metals in Anaerobic Digestion

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Wu K, Chung L, Revill WP, Katz L, Reeves CD (2000) The FK520 gene cluster of Streptomyces hygroscopicus var. ascomyceticus (ATCC 14891) contains genes for biosynthesis of unusual polyketide extender units. Gene 251:81–90 93. Stassi DL, Kakavas SJ, Reynolds KA, Gunawardana G, Swanson S, Zeidner D, Jackson M, Liu H, Buko A, Katz L (1998) Ethyl-substituted erythromycin derivatives produced by directed metabolic engineering. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 95:7305–7309 94. McDaniel R, Thamchaipenet A, Gustafsson C, Fu H, Betlach M, Betlach M, Ashley G (1999) Multiple genetic modifications of the erythromycin gene cluster to produce a library of novel “unnatural” natural products.

In situations where changes in fermentation conditions result in significant pH changes, it may be necessary to change buffers as media changes are implemented. Several studies have demonstrated the success of medium optimization in polyketide synthesis (for examples see [23, 25, 35–37]). In addition to improving the productivity of a culture, development studies have demonstrated that the distribution of polyketide products, both related and unrelated to the polyketide of interest, may be influenced by media development [38, 39].

Process development may take advantage of differences that exist in nutritional requirements, genetic stability, production of impurities or homologs, phenotypes, or shear resistance. After the initial primary screen, a more detailed secondary screen on approximately 10% of the most favorable clones is completed. Culture preservation is vital to the success of a process development program. Reasons for establishing a strict cell banking procedure in development programs are similar to those motivating cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) banking procedures and regulations imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [5].

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