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Matthew turned his admiring gaze back upon her. ” She gave the appearance of giving this question thoughtful consideration. Really, if she were to be perfectly honest about it, Payton would have to admit that there wasn't much she didn't know. She certainly considered herself better educated than most girls her age. What did they know about, except hair arranging and gossip? She knew how to bring down a sail luring a squall, chart a course using only the position of the sun and stars in the heavens as a guide, and kill, skin, and cook a sea turtle with no other utensils than a knife, a few rocks, and some dried-out seaweed.

Payton demanded hotly. ” Comprehension finally dawned over the captain's face. “Oh, I see. ” The corners of his lips curled into a very definite grin. “I'll have to beg your forgiveness, then, Payton. I rather thought I was saving you from a crushing blow to the head. Terribly ignoble of me, I realize now. “ Payton refused to be swayed by either the captain's charming manner or devastating good locks. This was excessively difficult just at that moment, since the sun slanting into the room had brought out the highlights in his golden hair.

But the old woman seated beside Payton didn't appear the slightest bit discomfited by the heat, in spite of the fact that she was dressed in a long-sleeved gown of heavy purple velvet. Her silver hair had been coiffed into an elaborate arrangement on top of her head, beneath which her scalp had to be prickling. She did not, however, lift a finger to it, nor did she reach for the black lace fan in her lap.

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