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By Hugh Garner Bennett

The speedy improvement of utilized Chemistry lately has led to a revolution in all branches of expertise. This progress has been sped up through the warfare, and the British Empire has now a chance of accelerating its commercial output by means of the appliance of this data to the uncooked fabrics on hand within the diverse elements of the realm. the topic during this sequence of handbooks may be taken care of from the chemical instead of the engineering perspective. the economic point may also be extra well-liked than that of the laboratory.

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The positive charge increases with the acidity 46 ANIMAL PROTEINS of the liquor. Other emulsoids are not electrically neutral, but are electrically charged and exhibit considerable conductivity. Into this class fall the tannins, and in tanning it is thought t h a t there is a mutual precipitation of the negative tannin sol with the positive hide gel, the precipitation of the negative sol being favoured by the acid condition of, the liquor. The effect of increasing acidity soon falls off, however, as a saturation limit is soon reached.

The grain side is wet and worked with brushes and stones until the bloom and loose tannin are removed. This process aims at producing a good even colour and level surface, b u t is liable to cause a loss of weight. Dressing leather is often scoured on both grain and flesh, and weak soap or borax solutions are used t o assist the process. I n this operation hand labour has been now quite superseded by machine work. A great variety of machines have been devised. The mechanical working of leather takes place in various parts of finishing.

There are also " samming machines/' which by means of rollers squeeze out the excess liquor. Sole leather is dried out and finished immediately after tanning, but dressing leather is often " rough dried " out of t a n liquors and wet back for finishing when required. Dressing leather is often treated in different factories ; tanners selling it as rough leather and " curriers " finishing it. Scouring is one of the first operations in finishing leather. The grain side is wet and worked with brushes and stones until the bloom and loose tannin are removed.

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