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By TY Lee

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I began this ‘Just be sturdy ‘ venture with the belief of getting a
few Buddhist promotionaI fabrics with a vibrant, optimistic and
modern kind. I later tied this in with an internet site providing more
information on Buddhism for these to determine more.
Little did I anticipate how well known the fabrics could become,
and the influence of the web site on such a lot of humans all over
the world.
My goal is to provide the elemental suggestions of Buddhism in a concise
and down-to-earth demeanour, utilizing an procedure that many
seem to discover transparent and obtainable. The ‘Just Be strong’ project
culminates during this publication, in accordance with the writings within the website.
For these examining this publication with no but vacationing the website,
I could urge you to additionally battle through the location. this can be because
it bargains an extra wealth of data when it comes to loose e-books,
talks on MP3 and hyperlinks to different web content which supply deeper
perspectives on many key issues and areas.
I want to thank with inner most gratitude Ajahn Brahm for
giving me the braveness and aid to begin this ‘Just be Good’
project, Ven. Dhammika for his sufferer assistance and advice
throughout the undertaking, Ven. Aggacitta and Ven. Kumaara for
their many beneficial feedback and Sister Han Ah Yew and
Mr. Leong Kum Seng for his or her assist in vetting the textual content. I would
also prefer to convey my such a lot honest appreciation to Bro. Piya
Tan for writing the part on meditation for this ebook and
Geelyn Lim for all her exertions on its layout and layout.
Special thank you additionally visit all my academics and neighbors in the
Dhamma in Singapore for his or her encouragement from the very
beginning. an immense “thank you” and all my love additionally visit my
parents and my spouse, Susan. And my maximum appreciation is
extended to the folk worldwide who've given me
the motivation and the energy to proceed and increase this
project. All error, mistakes and omissions are mine alone.
May all Beings be good and chuffed, and loose from actual and
mental agony. could all Beings embark at the direction of the
Buddha and discover Nibbana. might the entire advantages of this project
be devoted to the happiness and emancipation of all Beings,
and to aid guard and unfold the lessons of the Buddha.

T Y Lee

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Thank you, Queensland, Australia Thank you for making such an understandable and "down to earth" site on such a spiritual subject. It will be of great use especially to those not very familiar with Buddhism and wanting to orientate themselves on it. Albuquerque, United States I am just so glad I found T Y and the beautiful "free stuff" I can give away to people. Being quite new to Buddhism, it is lovely to share the Dhamma with friends and family so that they can understand better. With Metta, Kent, England I have received the parcel you sent, and I am very happy with the contents.

2. I undertake the Precept to abstain from taking what is not given. 3. I undertake the Precept to abstain from sexual misconduct. 4. I undertake the Precept to abstain from lying and false speech. 5. I undertake the Precept to abstain from the abusive consumption of intoxicants and drugs. If there is time for meditation, then some people go straight into practicing the form of meditation they choose such as Vipassana meditation, while others may start by doing some Metta meditation first. Alternatively, many prefer to do Metta meditation after the main session as the mind is then more calm and focused.

USA Congratulations on a super site....... No reason at all why we cannot have a 21st. century attitude to a 2500 year old philosophy. Love and Light to you and all your team. Lübeck, Germany 56 Thank you for the booklets and CDs you've sent. We've been meditating for some time, after going through your booklets and CDs we've switched to metta meditation and since then we have been healing and tuning ourselves to be better human beings. We think that you have shown us a true way. Sincerely, we came to your site not by mere chance.

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