Patient Review | Dr. Rice

I really had a deep seeded mistrust for chiropractors.  I have an awful experience where one actually hurt me when I adjusted my neck and I had horrible headaches afterward.  My husbands back gave out on him and Dr. Rice got him back into shape.  He will not see another chiropractor and we have moved from Irving to Arlington and he still goes to Dr. Price.

I had an ongoing issue with my arm, neck, back that had forced me to give up playing tennis.  After numerous visits to the orthopedic surgeon (no surgery) and 3 bouts of physical therapy I had pretty much given up playing.  When I got pregnant, my back pain intensified to unbearable and my husband suggested I see Dr. Rice.  After a three weeks of twice a week visits, I was feeling better than I had in years.  I saw him all throughout my pregnancy and am seeing him regularly now during my second, usually every other week for an adjustment unless I am playing a lot of sports then once a week.  

I really like the office staff, Anne is great and it’s really fast to get in and out.  I think I may spend 5 min getting adjusted.  They also do that electro treatment which I don’t do while I am pregnant.  I have just learned my body needs regular adjustments so when I am not pregnant I see him about every other month. The office isn’t anything fancy and boy I hate being there when school is getting in or out, but I can’t recommend Dr. Rice enough he’s the best!

Patient: Chi – Yelp 2014